19th June 2016

Our Approach

We work with our clients to ensure that analysis
conducted on their data is actionable and robust.

We then develop implementable strategies which provide immediate quick wins as well as more mid to long term substantial benefits.

To enable us to do this, we work very closely with our clients' senior management team to identify key business challenges and then articulate and formulate hypotheses that can be tested through rigorous and robust data analysis.

Immersion Sessions

For many of our clients, they are at the beginning of their data journey. To help them articulate and formulate a vision which they can use internally and externally, we will work with them through structured sessions to realise what their organisation is trying to achieve.

We help our clients create a plan which they can reference when conducting the different data activities within their organisation to ensure that they focus on those activities which deliver true value for the business and encapsulates the value that data can provide.

We then translate those plans into bite-sized analytical deliverables with a clear roadmap on when each item will be delivered and the value it will provide. Our clients then have something which shows them how they will reach their vision for being a data-driven organisation, basing decisions on information and insights and having the ability to measure and demonstrate impact.


Where our clients are not sure of the quality and opportunity of their data we recommend a time-boxed 'Discovery', which allows us to take a snapshot of their data and conduct several structured activities, which is then replayed to the client illustrating what is and is not possible with their data, what the potential is and could be if they cleaned or collected further data.

Throughout the Discovery, which can last between 4 to 8 weeks, we provide our clients with insights into the quality of their data and where they need to improve. We then identify the analytics that can be conducted on their data, from simple customer segmentation to advanced predictive modelling and machine learning.

We also advise our clients on any technological gaps they may have, and will work with them to identify a suitable partner to meet that need.

Business Case

Our experience has shown that unless tangible benefits of data and analytics can be demonstrated, then data is not given the relevant priority within the organisation.

We help our clients get their data and analytics plan noticed at board level by creating robust business cases which itemise and demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) for each data and analytical project.

We also conduct market intelligence research to provide insights into what your competitors are doing, provide a measurement framework so you can clearly measure the impact of your analytical activity, and where possible help you to move the data and analytics function within your organisation from a cost to profit centre.