16th June 2016

Our Work

We believe that any projects we work with our clients on must have an impact on their organisation. This is a founding principle of why we have combined Strategy Consulting with Data Science.

When working with clients, we start from understanding the business questions or challenges, as without this, any analytics conducted would have no purpose to serve.

Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is great, but in a
commercial environment, there has to be some action from it.

Therefore, when working with Stream Intelligence, we won't just take a brief from you and go back to base to crunch the numbers, we will work with you identify and articulate your business question. We will then devise the best analytical methodology to answer that question, sometimes even leading us to invent a methodology.

Our deliverables also won't just be tables and charts, but clear recommendations on what the data or model is telling us and what we should do about it. We will create a business case for why your organisations needs to do analytics, help you identify quick wins and develop strategies which we can help implement.

Our objective is to help you excel as an organisation, and we believe you can only do so if your decisions and strategies are based on data.

We have already worked with clients across a range of industries, helping them move their organisation forward using data and analytics: