9th June 2016

Stream Labs

Stream Intelligence has created Stream Labs to nurture and harness the expertise of our Data Scientists and Strategy Consultants.

Through Stream Labs we provide an environment for the team to work on the latest Big Data and analytics technologies, building products and services which could change the world.

Our first Stream Labs project is based on tracking people in physical stores. We expect to work on other projects as we grow.

Stream Retail Analytics Product

Our team are currently working with an exciting new company who have built a WiFi tracking node.

Through this node we can anonymously track people in physical stores and collect data on where they visit in the store. By combining this with Point Of Sale (POS) data we can also calculate what they buy. Where loyalty data exists, we can predict what they will do next.

The aim is to create an analytics product which helps retailers better optimise and operationally manage their stores.

Stream Loyalty Analytics Platform

Our team have been building analytic models for our clients for several years now, and with decades of experience between them have formulated a way to automate many of these models.

From segmentation and profiles to predictive and brand affinity models, we are in the process of building a platform which will empower our clients to upload their data and run these automated models.

We are hoping to launch this service to our existing and new clients later this year.