Mini Lectures at University of Indonesia: Introducing Basic Programming and Data Wrangling Techniques in R

We were back at University of Indonesia last week with the second part of mini lectures for Master’s degree students who have chosen Big Data as their thesis topics.

On Saturday, we presented topics on Basic Programming and Data Wrangling Techniques in R. The facilitators were our Senior Data Scientists; Rake Linggar Anggoro and Ramdisa Agasi.

There were about 10-15 students attended the class, and we were delighted to hear many were asking questions. At the end of the session, we gave them a simple exercise to get a better understanding of the topics, by analyzing a small credit card historical transactions using the techniques previously learned.

It was good seeing such a high enthusiasm of the students when doing the exercise. The exercise was done in groups, and they asked many good questions throughout the process to ensure they understand the tasks to complete the exercise. About 3 groups managed to complete the exercise, which showed us that they now have a strong grasp on basic programming and data wrangling techniques in R.

Kudos to all! See you on the next class 🙂