Starting New Semester with Series of Lectures for MMUI Big Data students

It’s the time of the year again! New semester, fresh start, open minds.

Last week, we opened up this new semester for Master’s degree students at University of Indonesia who have chosen Big Data as their thesis topics. There will be a series of mini lectures for the next upcoming weeks, to help students come up with the best topics that will be the base of their thesis.

The first session was presented by Hermawan Budyanto, our Principal Data Scientist, introducing the flow of the mini lectures for the next few weeks. Mini lectures will be divided into 4 different topics; Question Driven Analysis, Introduction to R, Business Statistics and also Machine Learning. These are the basics understanding that the students need to know when it comes to Big Data and Data Science field. He also introduced Stream Intelligence team members who will be delivering the lecture in the upcoming weeks.

Aninda Iswara, our Strategy Manager, facilitated next session around Question Driven Analysis. She shared the framework on how to formalise the analysis when there is too many data, or even, when there’s no data at all. During the session, she also shared her experience and insights when joining Boston Consulting Group. One of the the key takeaway she also shared was: get around and try to read a lot CEO interviews, business and economic articles such as Harvard Business Review, in order to find the right question when doing this type of analysis.

During the last session, Dessy Amirudin shared some case studies as an example to provide the students with deeper understanding on real business challenges. There were 3 case studies related to data analytics in customer analytics, news portal analytics and ad optimization strategy.

We can’t wait to share some more insights and case studies to help MMUI students with their thesis. At the end of the mini lectures, we will held Hackathon for Goods using real data where students can participate in September 2017. Good luck, all!