Stream Intelligence Supervising MMUI Thesis Defense

Stream Intelligence has been collaborating with Magister Management Faculty of Business and Management of University of Indonesia (MMUI) since 2016. It all started with the discussion between our Managing Director – Shorful Islam, our Director – Dodot Triwidodo and MM UI Director – Harryadin Mahardika to build new program in MM UI related to Big Data Analytics.

As part of this partnership, some of our roles are to provide training related to statistical software for the students and consultation on the development of curriculum as well as supervising the students’ thesis.

Time flies so fast and last week was a momentous milestone of our partnership with MMUI. There are 12 students who are taking Big Data analytics, and it was time to present their thesis in front of MMUI Academics and Stream Intelligence. For three exciting days, we witnessed some of the best topics presented; from Market Basket Analysis, Churn Modeling, Credit Card Analysis to Analyzing Social Media to Predict Software Vulnerability, we supported MMUI by co-supervising and observing the presentations.

Congratulations to all graduate! We wish you all the best for your future endeavor.