Stream On Campus in Institut Teknologi Bandung

Last Saturday, February 18, 2017, we had an opportunity to host 30 students at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) to held our first, official Stream on Campus event. We were delighted and grateful of the tremendous support from the Department of Mathematics, whom facilitated and supported the event.

We kicked off the event with an opening remarks from Mustafa Davies, our Director. He started off by providing some background on what Stream Intelligence does as well as a glimpse into the industry applications of big data analytics. He pointed out the needs for students to develop the essential skills needed to break into a career in big data and analytics.

Ibu Hilda Assiyatun, the Program Director of Mathematics undergraduate program, was also present that day to give a warm welcome to students and Stream Intelligence. She pointed out the importance of strong collaboration between university and industry to enhance more research and development in the area of big data and analytics in Indonesia.

The main agenda of Stream on Campus was to officially introduce Stream’s Graduate Programme, which will be opening in July 2017. Our Graduate Programme team, Hermawan Adi Budyanto, explained in more details what the program is and its objective to accelerate graduates’ career path into becoming a Data Scientist or Strategist. Adi also shared some tips and hints to help students prepare for graduate program applications.

Ari Kuncoro, our Senior Data Scientist, presented one of the case studies demo in the application of clustering technique in predicting demographic attributes of mobile phone uses. He pointed out the benefits of using the end result of the model to tailer marketing strategy. Our most favorite part of the day was when we asked everyone to participate in a simple case study quiz facilitated by Vania Christianti, Strategy Associate. It’s quite fun and interesting to see how everyone was trying to solve the case study and present their own, proposed solutions in front of the audience. Such an active and inspiring crowd, indeed!

We would like to thank everyone that came along to our very first edition of Stream on Campus. We’d also like to thank the Department of Mathematics ITB – especially Ibu Lena, who was generous enough to facilitate and host last week’s Stream on Campus event. We look forward to seeing many more students at the next edition of Stream on Campus in other universities!