Stream Intelligence and University of Indonesia (MMUI) Launched the First Big Data Lab in Indonesia

Big Data Lab launch (1)

With the main mission to accelerate the development and practical use of big data in Indonesia as well as create experts in Data Science to meet challenges of the digital era, University of Indonesia, through its Master Program of Management Faculty of Business and Economics (MM FEB-UI), in partnership with Stream Intelligence officially launched Big Data Lab. The launch event that will be held at MM FEB-UI in Salemba will be done symbolically by DR. Shorful Islam, the Managing Director of Stream Intelligence and Dony Abdul Chalid, Ph.D, the Head of Management Department FEB-UI from the Faculty of Economy and Business of University of Indonesia.

Dony Abdul Chalid, Ph.D hopes that with the launch of Big Data Lab, there will be more research conducted that are related to big data by using the massive data that Indonesia has, providing all stakeholders with useful insights and competitive advantages.

Big Data Lab launch (3)

In addition to that, DR. Shorful Islam stated,”Big Data Analytics is no longer just a theory, but has contributed significantly towards increasing the company’s performance, resolve social issues and governance in some of the developed countries. With more than 20 years of experience within this field, I am ready to help the academics and practitioners in Indonesia to have a much better understanding of data analytics.”

Understanding the use of big data and its technology has become an essential tool for measuring the company’s performance in order to make strategic decisions related to marketing, sales, expansion, promotions, recognizing consumer behavior to create new innovations, and many more. With the launch of Big Data Lab, Stream Intelligence and MMUI hope to encourage and accelerate more development of big data in Indonesia as well as create more qualified and highly-skilled Data Scientists in Indonesia to increase the country’s competitive advantage. (fin)